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About Ward 7

Photo of Engine Co. 19 Headquarters In Ward 7

About Ward 7

Ward 7 is distinguished by its leafy streets, single-family homes, transit stations and above all, its greenspace. It is home to a number of Civil War fort sites that have since been turned into parkland including: Fort Mahan Park, Fort Davis Park, Fort Chaplin Park and Fort Dupont Park, the largest city-owned park in the District. Ward 7 is also home to green spaces such as Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Watts Branch Park, Anacostia River Park and Kingman Island.

The neighborhoods of Ward 7 are proud, distinct and numerous. Deanwood, situated on the north end of the Ward, is one of the oldest communities in the northeast quadrant, and has a pleasant small-town character with its many wood-frame and brick houses. To the south of Deanwood are neighborhoods such as Capitol View, Benning Heights and Marshall Heights, characterized by a variety of single-family homes, duplexes, garden apartments and apartment buildings. Further south, neighborhoods including Hillcrest, Dupont Park, Penn Branch, and Randle Highlands have a very suburban character, dominated by single-family detached homes with large yards and lawns. Ward 7 also has an extensive waterfront along the Anacostia River, and riverfront neighborhoods have their own unique identities. River Terrace, Parkside, Mayfair and Eastland Gardens abut the east side of the river, while Kingman Park and Hill East/Reservation 13 sit to the west.

Planning in Ward 7

The Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital: District Elements has Area Elements (chapters) that provide geographically-specific policy guidance. Area Elements that cover neighborhoods within Ward 7 include:

The Comprehensive Plan’s Area Elements use planning boundaries, not Ward boundaries. The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year plan, while Ward boundaries are political boundaries that can change every 10 years due to redistricting following the decennial Census.

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment project web page is plandc.dc.gov. Questions, comments and feedback on the Comprehensive Plan should be emailed to [email protected].

Neighborhood and corridor plans for Ward 7 include:

Development Review in Ward 7

Historic Preservation in Ward 7

Ward 7 Maps and Data


Jessica Williams, Community Planner