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Historic Homeowner Grant Program

The District of Columbia offers financial assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners to help with the cost of repairing their historic homes. These targeted non-taxable community benefit grants are available for all historic landmarks and qualifying buildings in all DC historic districts. 

Applications are now being accepted for homeowner grants. Apply here.

 Light blue row house with white trim and red brick stairs, showing some wear on the front facade.   Brown brick row house after renovation, with white trim and black decorative accents on front facade
Homeowner Grant Project Before and After

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About Historic Homeowner Grants

Homeowner Grants are available to income-qualifiying homeowners for exterior and structural renovations, restorations, and repairs of historic houses. Project priority is determined using criteria that measure the benefits to historic preservation and the community. Grants awards are subject to available funding. 

NEW: Starting October 1, 2023, the maximum grant that can be awarded is $50,000. All historic landmarks and qualifying houses in all District of Columbia historic districts are eligible.

Non-contributing houses (modern houses not built during a historic time period) are not eligible. Homeowner Grants qualify as non-taxable income and grantees do not owe income tax on them.

Who Qualifies for a Homeowner Grant?

Homeowner Grants are available to DC residents who:

  1. Own a house in a historic district or landmark and live in it as their primary residence, 
  2. Receive the Homestead Deduction for property taxes for the house, 
  3. Obtain a Clean Hands Certificate with a status of “compliant", and
  4. Have a total household income less than 120% of the area median income (AMI).

Is my house a landmark or in a historic district? Use this tool.

Learn more about Clean Hands Certificates.

Learn more about income and match requirements.

What Are the Grantee Requirements?

Grantees who are awarded a grant must:

  1. Find their own licensed contractor,
  2. Manage their contractor,
  3. Enter into a covenant agreement with the Office of Planning which requires the taxpayer to maintain all grant work in good repair for ten years, and
  4. Depending on total household income, match the grant by paying a share of the grant work.

Learn more about income and match requirements.

What Kinds of Work Typically Qualify for a Grant?

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis with preference given to restoration of major exterior architectural features and structural repairs, such as:

  • Reconstruction of missing exterior ornaments and components
  • Repair of original front windows and doors
  • Repair or reconstruction of front porches and stairs
  • Replacement of non-historic windows and doors with historic materials and styles
  • Repair, replacement and painting of wood siding and trim
  • Repair and replacement of visibly prominent roofs

The only interior item that can be considered is a major structural repair. Grants cannot be provided for heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, interior finishes, or new additions. 

Grants are not available for houses that do not contribute to the character of the historic district. Grant funding is not retroactive and cannot be awarded for work that has already been started or completed.

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