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HPRB Notice to ANCs

The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) gives notice of HPRB meetings according to regulations designed to balance the interests of project applicants and ANCs. These rules ensure that ANCs receive notice as required by law on matters of significance to neighborhood planning and development. The rules also allow applications that do not raise such issues to proceed without unnecessary delay to the applicant or burden to the ANC.

Who receives the monthly notice? 

HPO sends notices to the address for each ANC office and single-member district commissioner. HPO can add a personal email address for any commissioner upon request. To request adding an second address, please contact HPO.

What does the notice include?

The notice is a preliminary list of cases that may be considered by HPRB at upcoming meetings. It includes all proposed historic designation hearings and all conceptual review and permit applications submitted for HPRB review by the monthly filing deadline. Cases are identified by address and ANC area for that address.

How does HPRB ensure that ANCs get the full notice period required?

HPRB regulations are designed to allow ANCs to identify projects they believe are significant to neighborhood planning and development. If HPO is aware of ANC interest in a project, it will list the case on two successive monthly notices in order to ensure a minimum notice to the affected ANC of 45 days (or 30 working days, whichever is longer). This means that when such cases first appear on the notice, they are scheduled for the HPRB meeting at the end of the following month.

What about cases that are not listed for consideration the following month?

HPO relies on affected ANCs to identify any other projects on the notice that they want to review at a public meeting. Upon request by the ANC, HPO will ensure that the ANC receives a minimum 45-day notice of those cases. ANCs may identify an interest in reviewing any or all of the cases that affect their area. Requests should be filed in writing at least two days before the scheduled HPRB meeting (email is acceptable).

Have project applicants been directed to consult with the affected ANC?

No. The historic preservation regulations encourage, but do not require, applicants to contact the affected ANC to present their projects and to resolve any public concerns before HPRB review. If your ANC is interested in a project listed on the notice, but has not been contacted by the applicant, you are encouraged to arrange for an ANC review directly with the applicant. You can request project submissions and applicant contact information from the assigned HPO staff person listed on the notice.

What if the affected ANC is not interested in reviewing a project? 

If the affected ANC does not need to consider a case at a public meeting, HPO will proceed with its review for possible consideration at the current month's HPRB meeting. The shorter notice allows the review to proceed without unnecessary delay to the applicant or burden to the ANC.