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Apply for a Homeowner Grant

Applications are now being accepted for homeowner grants. There is no application deadline, the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) will review applications as they are received. 

The grant application is a two-part process.

Part I Application

In Part I, homeowners provide photographs of their house and a general description of the work they propose. HPO reviews the application according to the applicable criteria. For work that is eligible, HPO prepares project specifications for the homeowner to use along with the Part II application.

Part II Application

To complete the Part II application, homeowners use the project specifications prepared by HPO to obtain prices from contractors. Applicants attach price quotes to the application, along with household financial information for certification as required by law.

Once the applicant is certified as income-qualified, HPO determines if there is a requirement for a matching contribution from the homeowner, seeks approval for the grant award, and issues the homeowner a letter of award.

Execution of the Grant

When the homeowner submits a signed contract with the selected contractor, HPO prepares the required covenant for the homeowner’s signature. Once signed, HPO provides the homeowner with the first check and the authorization to proceed with construction.

The process typically takes four to six months from the start of the application to initiation of construction, depending on how long the homeowner needs to obtain the necessary contractor proposals. 

HPO Contact Information 

Questions regarding the program should be directed to [email protected]