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OP Announces the Release of INDICES 2009

Friday, February 19, 2010

(Washington, DC) The Office of Planning released the 14th edition of INDICES this week. The DC government publishes INDICES - A Statistical Index of District of Columbia Government Services, every two years. The primary purpose of INDICES is to provide a snapshot of District of Columbia government operations. The snapshot contains data quantifying human and physical services delivered, legislative activities and a general profile of the District.  INDICES is developed to satisfy seven basic information needs, which are: to provide statistical summaries of services delivered by agencies; to provide a comprehensive overview of government activities; to provide information that is accessible to the reader in format and content; to provide information to facilitate the identification of trends; to provide a holistic picture of a service where there may be a number of different providers; to continue delivery of a branded product; and to create synergy between electronic and non-electronic products.

Departments and agencies of the District government provided information for INDICES. The staff of the Office of Planning/State Data Center collaborated with all entities to identify and present information that helps government agencies, residents, students, researchers, businesses and non-profit organizations gain insight into the range of services offered by the District.  Most of the data contained in this edition were collected in calendar years 2005 through 2008.

This reference book is organized into 10 chapters, covering such topics as government finance, economic development, human services, District-wide and neighborhood planning, community services, education, public safety, real estate services and housing trends. The Office of Planning continues to keep you informed and updated on data and services.

For information on the INDICES or to contact the State Date Center, call the Office of Planning at (202) 442-7600.