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Community Planner

Monday, June 21, 2021

Job ID: 13453

Opening Date: 06/16/2021

Closing Date: 06/26/2021

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Job Summary

The position is in the Office of Planning (OP), Community Planning and Design Division. OP is tasked with planning for the long-term growth of the District of Columbia (D.C.) to help ensure it reflects our values of an inclusive and vibrant city, where all District residents can thrive, regardless of income, race, age, or background. OP guides development in D.C.’s distinctive neighborhoods by engaging stakeholders and residents, performing research and analysis, serving as the steward of our historic resources, and publishing various planning documents, including the Comprehensive Plan. Within OP, the Neighborhood Planning Division has five main areas of responsibilities which shape the future development and revitalization of the District's neighborhoods namely, developing small area plans and planning studies, coordinating, and tracking plan implementation: participating in citywide planning initiatives that have a neighborhood impact. Monitoring and reviewing development projects; and acting as a liaison to elected officials and community stakeholders on land use, development, and planning issues. This position is an advanced professional level within the division and has corresponding technical expertise and administrative responsibilities in all five of these areas. The Neighborhood Planning Division includes planners assigned to each ward of the District to work in collaboration with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, citizen associations, and residents, businesses, elected officials, and District agencies.

Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent will perform advanced professional planning activities for major multi-phased projects, which include authoritative technical and policy analysis, vision, and goat setting, and specific recommendations/implementation plan development. Identifies critical planning issues, conducting detailed analyses of redevelopment and revitalization opportunities, leading a participatory public engagement process, and managing a team of internal planners or external consultants. Serves as the project manager for advanced planning activities with responsibilities that include developing scopes of work, project work plans, and schedules; coordinating all phases of the assigned project's procurement process; and serving as the contracting officer's technical representative. Coordinates and reviews project team analysis, field work, research, and reports relative to the assigned study/project for consistency with District planning objectives, policy, and office standards. Prepares draft and final reports, studies and analysis which address planning issues and problems throughout the city or in the wards, subareas, neighborhoods, or about specific development projects. Helps prepare or directs the preparation of maps, graphs, charts, and other graphics related to the presentation of city, ward and neighborhood studies and plans. Participates in the plan legislative approval process by drafting key documents, identifying hearing witnesses and participating in the Council hearing process. Serves as principal liaison between public and private sectors, the community and neighborhood groups for planning activities. Develops community engagement strategies to ensure an inclusive, multi-stakeholder process; evaluates public support for project plans; and develops public relations approaches to galvanize support or address resistance.

The incumbent will lead the implementation activities for applicable plans or studies within the Ward. Facilitates communication with implementers, develops and executes work plans for specific implementation tasks, and develops materials, reports, graphics, and other documentation to assist in stakeholder communication. Coordinates with the Development Review Division on the development proposals, zoning proposals, and other land use/zoning issues that impact the Ward, neighborhood, or specific subareas or sections. Reviews and comments on development proposals and plans of other District and Federal agencies. Coordinates with other District agencies and regional bodies involving various functional systems and planning concerns as they affect the city, wards or specific subareas or sections. Participates in interagency and special project teams to review and comment on projects or proposals that impact the Ward, neighborhood, specific subareas, or sections. Provides authoritative input on recommendations, policies, and planning approaches to address important issues or concerns from the neighborhood planning perspective. Responds to telephone, email, and written public inquiries concerning planning and development activities according to established customer service standards. Mastery knowledge of pertinent District and Federal laws, codes, regulations, and practices regarding planning, zoning, development, building, and redevelopment.

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