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Public Affairs Specialist

Friday, December 16, 2022

Job ID: 20119

Opening Date: 12/16/2022

Closing Date: 1/15/2023

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Job Summary

This position is located in the Office of Planning (OP), Office of the Director. OP has the lead responsibility for planning the long-term growth of the District of Columbia (D.C.) and provides the vision, framework and principles that guide land use change, growth, and development of an equitable and vibrant city. OP undertakes citywide and neighborhood planning and engagement; urban design and development review; historic preservation; mapping and data analysis; and serves as the official Census State Data Center. OP is the steward of the District’s Comprehensive Plan, which advances housing, economic recovery, racial equity, resilience, and coordination of public resources and civic infrastructure.

The position functions as Public Affairs Specialist responsible for identifying communication needs; developing informational material that inform appropriate publics of the organization's policies, programs, services, and activities; advising management on the formulation and articulation of organization policy; and designing, executing, and evaluating the information programs that communicate organization policies, programs, and actions to various pertinent publics.

Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent plans, initiates, and implements comprehensive public affairs campaigns to enhance the understanding of the organization's programs in achieving greater understanding of OP’s mission and functions. Advises OP’s senior team on the possible public and media reactions to proposed policy statements or organization's actions. Formulates and recommends policies, programs and procedures governing information functions related to the work of OP. Develops and disseminates a wide range of information and data concerning the nature and objectives of organization programs, employing all types of media outlets.

The incumber prepares and/or drafts content for press releases, speeches, , internet to the general public or specific stakeholder groups information about programs and/or services, or comments for proposed local regulations, and/or recommendations impacting the delivery of programs and services. Creates content for website, blogs, electronic newsletters, fact sheets, brochures, as well as develop social media campaigns, and other digital products. Coordinates, generates, and manages digital information; and creates an online presence through the use of digital media software and visual communication tools. Develops appropriate communication channels, techniques, and strategies for use by others in disseminating information to hard-to-reach audiences. Implements strategies, as necessary, for assessing the performance and effectiveness of public information programs, and social media activities that evaluate organization's goals. Fosters and maintains relationships with various internal and external stakeholders including, public information officer partners in District and Federal government organization to promote greater awareness of the City's programs, and services for District residents.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

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