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Office of Planning

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OP Divisions

Office of the Director 

Vivian Guerra, Chief of Staff

Jordan Chafetz, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff

David Lieb, Senior Counsel

Brian Lampert, Attorney Advisor

Mekdy Alemayehu, Communications Director

Jennifer Barber, Executive Assistant to the Director

Edward Giefer, Associate Director of Operations

Rita Poindexter, Operations Staff Assistant

Sandra Harp, Human Resources Advisor 

Lori Todd, Resource Allocation Analyst

Community Planning & Design 

Karen Harris, Executive Assistant for Community Planning & Design and Citywide Strategy & Analysis

Neighborhood Planning

Melissa Bird, Associate Director, Neighborhood Planning

Deborah L. Crain, Lead Planner for Engagement and Outreach

Ebony Dumas, Senior Planner

Erkin Ozberk, Senior Neighborhood Planner, Wards 1, 3 & 4

Valecia Wilson, Senior Neighborhood Planner, Wards 7 & 8

Jessica Williams, Community Planner Wards 5-8

Ron Barron, Community Planner

Vincent Ubiera, Community Planner

Ashley Stephens, Engagement and Outreach Coordinator

Urban Design

Elisa Vitale, Acting Associate Director, Urban Design

Chris Shaheen, Program Manager, Urban Design 

Le An, Senior Urban Designer

Timothy Maher, Urban Designer

Rita Abou Samra, Urban Designer

Alex Krefetz, Grants Management Specialist

Citywide Strategy & Analysis 

Sakina Khan, Deputy Director, Citywide Strategy and Analysis

Karen Harris, Executive Assistant for Community Planning & Design and Citywide Strategy & Analysis

Citywide Systems 

Dan Emerine, Associate Director, Citywide Planning

Art Rodgers, Senior Housing Planner

Ryan Hand, Senior Economic Planner

Stephen Gyor, Senior Sustainability Planner

Wilton (Will) Oliver, Cross-Systems Planner

Rebecca Schwartzman, Cross-Systems Planner

Martin Brown, Capital Facilities Planner

Data Analysis and Visualization 

Joy E. Phillips, Associate Director, State Data Center

Minwuyelet Azimeraw, Demographic Specialist 

Travis Pate, Demographic Specialist 

Alemayehu Anna, Database and GIS/IT Application Specialist

Dennis Waardenburg, Cartographer 

Eddie Luthy, GIS Specialist

Rishawna Gould – Visual Information Specialist

Jamie Chandler – Data Visualization Analyst

Jose Funes – Economic Geographer

Development Review & Historic Preservation 

Jennifer Steingasser, Deputy Director, Development Review and Historic Preservation

Joyetta Delaney, Executive Assistant for Development Review and Historic Preservation

Development Review

Joel Lawson, Associate Director, Development Review

Stephen Cochran, Zoning and Special Projects Planner,

Matthew Jesick, Development Review Specialist

Jonathan Kirschenbaum, Development Review Specialist

Stephen J. Mordfin, Development Review Specialist

Crystal Myers, Development Review Specialist

Maxine Brown-Roberts, Development Review Specialist,

Karen Thomas, Development Review Specialist

Historic Preservation 

David Maloney, State Historic Preservation Officer

Steve Callcott, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Anne Brockett, Historic Preservation Specialist

Toni Cherry, Historic Preservation Compliance Specialist

Timothy Dennee, Historic Preservation Specialist and Landmarks Coordinator

Julianna Jackson, Historic Preservation Staff Assistant

Todd Jones, Historic Preservation Specialist

Keith Lambert, Historic Preservation Inspector

Andrew Lewis, Historic Preservation Specialist

Brendan Meyer, Historic Preservation Specialist

Moira Nadal, Historic Preservation Specialist

Imania Price, Historic Preservation Specialist

Anthony E. Williams, Historic Preservation Inspector

Kim Williams, Historic Preservation Specialist and National Register Coordinator

Bruce Yarnall, Historic Preservation Operations Manager

Ruth Trocolli, Archaeologist

Christine Ames, Assistant Archaeologist

Food Policy 

Tariq Sheriff, Policy Analyst

Mamiko Vuillemin, Policy Analyst

Ashley Stephens, Staff Assistant