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NoMA Vision Plan and Development Strategy

The NoMA area presents an incredible opportunity for the District, with the possibility of well over 20 million square feet of development. If the land is developed with a 50/50 mixture of commercial office and residential uses, with a substantial amount of ground floor retail, it could be a major new neighborhood - vibrant, healthy and serving as an attractive connection between the Near Northeast and Eckington on the east and north, and Mount Vernon Triangle, Northwest One, Shaw, Bates and Bloomingdale on the west and south.


  • Land Use Mix
    Provide a diverse mix of uses that creates a variety of options for living, working, shopping, recreation, and culture.
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
    Pursue a balanced approach to transportation, creating a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with improved transit accessibility and vehicular circulation.
  • Public Realm & Open Space
    Create a vibrant, highly walkable environment with landscaped streets and attractive open spaces, active ground floors and pedestrian links.
  • Identity & Building Design
    Design to a new standard of architecture and urban design to create a lasting, competitive identity.
  • Existing Neighborhoods
    Preserve and enhance rowhouse neighborhoods and guide new development to address unmet community needs.
  • Environment & Sustainability
    Address sustainability with high performance design and environmentally-friendly planning, design, and construction.