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HPRB March 22 and March 29 , 2007

The Historic Preservation Review Board met to consider the following items on March 22 and March 29, 2007. Copies of staff reports related to cases listed below may be requested by email.


MARCH 22, 2007

The Historic Preservation Review Board met to consider the following items on March 22, 2007.  



The Harrison (The Canterbury), 704 3rd Street NW, HPA #06-xxx, concept/addition, new construction.
The Board supported the further development of the present concept. Vote  7-0.


Randall Junior High School (Francis L. Cardozo Elementary School), 65 I Street SW, Case #07-18.
The Board approved the designation of the school property as a landmark and directed Staff to forward the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places following the completion of the present planned unit development on the site.  Vote  6-1.


Randall Junior High School, 65 I Street SW, HPA #07-129, concept/demolition, additions, new construction.
The Board adopted the staff report recommending the following direction to the applicant: (A) Advise that the scope of work constitut5es substantial demolition of the landmark building, and in that respect is not consistent with the purposes of the preservation law; (B) Encourage further development of the plans for the main blocks of the school in accordance with the boards recommendations, and advise that the adaptive rehabilitation of these structures is a substantial preservation benefit; And (C) recommend that the applicant return to the Board with refinement of the concept plans before proceeding to the Mayor’s Agent for review as a “project of special merit.”  Vote 7-0.


British Embassy, 3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW, HPA #07-139, concept/gatehouse alterations, new guard booth.
The Board approved the staff recommendations that the alterations to the gatehouses and construction of the addition with the condition that the addition be pulled back a few additional feet from the eastern gatehouse so as to maintain view from Observatory Circle. Final approval is  delegated to staff.  Vote 6-0.


1001 F Street NW, #07-130, concept/alterations, rooftop sign (Madam Tussauds).
The Board adopted the staff report recommending that the applicant refine the proposal for further review.  The Board recommended revision of the proposed roof sign to make it more consistent with the historic precedent.  Vote 6-0.


814 L Street SE, Raze #06-162, raze one-story frame building.
The Board denied the application to raze the building pending further clarification of the Board’s legal position from Counsel and a discussion with the owner on a potential replacement.  Vote 6-0.


O Street Market, 1400 7th Street NW, HPA #07-103, concept/demolition, alteration, addition; concept/master plan, new construction.
1.  The HRB determined that the removal of the west wall of the Market constitutes “substantial demolition” of the landmark as defined in DCMR 10A, 305.1 (a), 305.1 (b), and 305.1 (b), and referred the case to the Mayor’s Agent for review. The HPRB found that the project will result in substantial preservation and land use planning benefits, including the restoration of a severely deteriorated landmark, reconstruction of its important missing elements, such as its distinctive truss roof; reconstruction and reopening of 8th Street, a contributing element of the L’Enfant Plan; below-grade parking and loading; and significantly improved conditions along 7th, 9th, O and P streets that will be more compatible with the abutting Shaw Historic District than the existing open parking lot and street-fronting loading zones, and directed Staff to continue working with the applicants in developing their special merit submission to the Mayor’s Agent. 2.  The HPRB approved the conceptual site plan for the location of the supermarket and the reopening of 8th Street further developed.  3.  The HPRB directed the applicants to continue working with HPO in developing the concept for the reconstruction of the Market and new construction, and ways in which the 7th Street elevation can provide for a lively, pedestrian-friendly experience.  Vote  6-0.


1553 and 1555 9th Street NW, HPA #06-456 and 06-457, concept/new construction.
HPRB commended the architect and approved the revised design, with comments for some minor modifications. Final approval was delegated to staff.  Vote 6-0.


1733 Kenyon Street, NW, HPA #07-133, rooftop addition.
The Board approved the project in concept with a final delegation to staff to ensure some further setback of the addition and deck from the rear wall. Vote 5-1.

MARCH 29, 2007

The Historic Preservation Review Board met to consider the following items on March 29, 2007, continuing its meeting of March 22.


1910 8th Street NW, HPA #07-120, new construction.

The Board approved the new construction as consistent with the purposes of the preservation act, with the following conditions, and delegated final approval to staff:  (A) The design of the windows for the front portion on the side (alley) elevation should be restudied with the possible substitution of paired windows; (B) A pressed metal cornice should be added to the front façade in place of the stone coping; And (C) the façade should be clad in a narrow, or Roman, brick.  Vote 5-0.


3316 Newark Street NW, HPA #05-084, revised concept/rear addition.

The Board approved the Staff report directing the applicant to refine the design as directed above and return to the Board for further review.  Vote 5-0.


3255 Prospect Street NW, HPA #06-411, concept/new construction.

The staff recommends that the Board approve the project in concept as submitted, at a height of four stories plus the penthouses.  Vote 4-0.

MARCH 22, 2007

The Historic Preservation Review Board considered the following consent items on March 22, 2007.  These items were proposed for approval by the Board based upon the written record, without discussion.

Capitol Hill Historic District

139 11th Street, NE HPA#07-121, third story addition above existing two-story ell.
The Board approved the addition as consistent with the purposes of the preservation act without comment. Vote 7-0.

209 6th Street NE, HPA #07-131, alteration/add rear sunroom and screened porch.
The Board approved the addition as consistent with the purposes of the preservation act without comment.  Vote 7-0.