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HPRB April 28, 2011

The Historic Preservation Review Board met to consider the following items on April 28, 2011. Copies of staff reports related to cases listed below may be requested by email.

Video archives of the hearing are accessible on the office website.


April 28, 2011

The Historic Preservation Review Board met to consider the following items April 28, 2011. Present:  Catherine Buell, Chair; Tersh Boasberg, Maria Casarella, Christopher Landis, Pam Scott, and Joseph Taylor. Absent: Elinor Bacon and Robert Sonderman.     

1024 1st Street, SE, Case #11-13.
The Historic Preservation Review Board denied designation of the property at 1024 1st Street, SE (Square 740, Lot 802) and recommended that the nomination not be forwarded to the National Register of Historic Places a recommendation for listing.  Vote: 6-0.

1024 1st Street, SE, Raze Application #1100036
As this property was not designated a landmark, the matter is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Board and was therefore not considered.

Cardozo High School, 13th and Clifton Streets NW, HPA#11-240, building renovation/addition of gymnasium with optional natatorium.
The Board unanimously approved the conceptual design for the Cardozo High School gymnasium addition and modernization project and delegated the remaining design and permit review to staff.   The Board also recommended that further study be conducted to identify ways to screen the parking lot proposed for the roof of the new addition.  Finally, the Board determined that further analysis should be carried out and more detailed plans should be reviewed by the Board if the optional natatorium is ultimately proposed.  Vote: 6-0.

Engine Company 19, 2813 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, HPA #11-081, renovation including the widening of the vehicle doors.
The Board accepted the staff recommendation, delegating to staff further review of appropriate window replacements, roof slate replacement, fencing, and minor interior and exterior work.  The Board did not take action upon the proposal to widen the vehicle doors, as the materials submitted are insufficient.  Vote: 6-0.

301 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, HPA #11-191, concept/public space enclosures.
The HPO recommended that the Board approve the concept design for sidewalk eating areas, public space improvements and architectural alterations inclusive of the following conditions and that final approval be delegated to staff:
1.    Delete the Massachusetts Avenue enclosure from the concept design,
2.    Adjust the width dimensions of the two 3rd Street enclosures so as to not encroach on the historic projection or the ends of the side façade, and

3.    Replace the proposed rooftop wood fence with a mansard roof assembly

The Board adopted the staff report 6-0 with two additional conditions:
4.    Recommend reducing the north enclosure on 3rd Street to a depth of 4 feet, and
5.    Restudy landscaping.

7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, HPA #11-195, concept/redevelopment of Hine Junior High School site.
The Review Board passed a motion to approve the proposed site plan and overall architectural direction in concept, with continuing study of the issues outlined in the staff report, but did not take action on the proposed height and mass.  Vote: 5-0; Boasberg recused.


The HPRB approved the following items on the consent calendar.  Vote: 6-0.
(Casarella recused from 619 D Street)

619 D Street, SE (The Maples/Friendship House), HPA #11-078, revised concept/restoration and new

514 8th Street, SE, HPA #11-216, concept/rooftop and storefront alterations.

933 Westminster Street, NW, HPA #11-131, concept/new basement areaway and stair on façade.


The HPRB approved the following on the Denial calendar.  Vote: 6-0.

2226 13th Street, NW, HPA #11-135, concept/two-story rear addition, façade basement entrance and areaway.