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About Community Consultation

Applicants for project review by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) should consult with interested neighbors and community organizations before presenting at an HPRB meeting.

What HPRB Expects

HPRB's regulations (DCMR Title 10-C, § 324) encourage applicants to work directly with the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC), historic preservation organizations, neighbors and other interested groups or persons to identify and resolve any public concerns about a project before the Board meeting.

The applicant is responsible for presenting project plans to interested groups or persons as appropriate. Resolution of public concerns is not required before HPRB's review meeting, but applicants should be aware that HPRB gives "great weight" to ANC views.

Some ANCs and community organizations regularly review project applications pending before the Board. Applicants are encouraged but not obligated to present their projects to these interested groups.

HPO Consultation

As the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) evaluates projects submitted for review, it may also consult with ANCs, community organizations, adjacent property owners, and others interested in the project. Awareness of public views helps the HPO staff to understand the context for project proposals. While HPO may facilitate public reviews as it deems appropriate, HPO does not represent or cite public views in its staff reports and recommendations to HPRB. HPO reports also do not comment on ANC views, since it is HPRB's responsibility to consider and give "great weight" to ANC views in the context of all information presented at its meeting.