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About the Mayor's Agent

The Director of the Office of Planning (OP) serves at the Mayor's Agent under the District's historic preservation law. The Mayor's Agent issues regulations, manages preservation programs and grants, and reports to the DC Council on implementation of the law. As part of the preservation review process, the Mayor's Agent refers applications to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), provides public notice, considers all aspects of the public interest, and makes the findings required at the end of the process.

The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) and a Hearing Officer assist the Mayor's Agent in discharging these duties.

What duties does HPO handle?

The HPO staff handles administrative and preservation review duties for the Mayor's Agent. This includes the processing and review of applications referred to HPRB, review of revised and final plans after HPRB action, and expedited clearance of applications for minor work under authority delegated by HPRB.   

What duties does the Hearing Officer handle?

The Hearing Officer holds public hearings on behalf of the Mayor's Agent. After these hearings, the Officer prepares written findings and orders for review and signature by the Mayor's Agent.