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Resource Allocation Analyst

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Job ID: 19666

Opening Date: 11/8/2022

Closing Date: 11/18/2022

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Job Summary

This position is in the Office of Planning (OP), Office of the Director.  OP has the lead responsibility for planning the long-term growth of the District of Columbia (D.C.) and provides the vision, framework and principles that guide land use change, growth, and development of an equitable and vibrant city. OP undertakes citywide and neighborhood planning and engagement; urban design and development review; historic preservation; mapping and data analysis; and serves as the official Census State Data Center. OP is the steward of the District’s Comprehensive Plan, which advances housing, economic recovery, racial equity, resilience, and coordination of public resources and civic infrastructure.

The position functions as the Resource Allocation Analyst responsible for performing a wide range of analyses and forecasting for operating costs, which involves overseeing the financial aspects of services provided by the agency by forecasting costs on an annual basis during budget development, re-forecasting costs periodically throughout the fiscal year in response to changing Agency needs; and the allocation and reprogramming of commodity costs as the fiscal year progresses.

The incumbent coordinates all procurement related activities for OP under the guidance of the agency Associate Director of Operations. The Associate Allocation Analyst will provide office operations management in the areas of financial management, procurement coordination and contract administration, budget development, grants management, and other operational tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

Works closely with the Associate Director of Operations regarding budget development and changes in fixed costs throughout the year. Works closely with the Chief Financial Officer's Office of Finance and Resource Management (OFRM) to monitor financial trends and evaluate fiscal planning and resource allocation needs. Works with key staff to draft the agency's annual budget. Monitors expenses, revenue, Memorandum of Understanding agreements, intra-district transfers and budget amendments. Serves as the contract liaison for the agency by coordinating OP’s procurement functions including purchase orders, invoicing, and purchase card processes. Gathers, compares, and correlates information about projected costs of current and future programs and activities. Assures that obligations incurred and resulting expenditures of funds are in accordance with existing laws and regulations. Analyze data flows and relationships with an objective to improve efficiency and be adaptive to systems developed in the future. Analyzes and researches existing accounting requirements, procedures, and reports to ensure financial data integrity. Conducts complex financial analyses, research and studies required by legislation, laws, and regulations. Research other complex and highly technical financial issues as requested. Identifies problem areas, trends, significant accomplishments, and deficiencies in relation to fixed costs associated with District operations and recommends policies and practices relative to fixed cost reporting and data integrity. Detects any deficiencies or errors in information concerning financial matters, and determines whether they are reasonable, fair and consistent with agency regulatory standards. Executes contracts and agreements which include the preparation of Requests for Proposals; the valuation of proposals; the preparation and negotiation of contracts and the selection of contractors.

Develops short term and/or long-range financing plans, including those, which require financing through several sources. Conducts studies and analyses to determine financial feasibility. Analyzes financial statements, operating and project reports, cost data, pricing methods, management practices, capital, and reserves to determine long-term and short-term goals and objectives. Analyses periodic financial statements of contractors and vendors to identify element that indicate trends, weakness, or strength as to working capital position, operating efficiency and corporate strength or weakness and to determine where there is need for surveillance or closer surveillance of contractors. Meets with and assists OFRM officials in applying financial data and information to management problems. Participates in the management of operating programs by suggesting approaches to be taken and avenues to be explored in assembling financial data to effective management use.

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