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Development Review Specialist

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Job ID: 23419

Opening Date: 09/12/2023

Closing Date: 09/26/2023

Available Openings: 2

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Job Summary

This position is located in the Office of Planning (OP), Development Review Division. OP has the lead responsibility for planning the long-term growth of the District of Columbia (D.C.) and provides the vision, framework and principles that guide land use change, growth, and development for an equitable and vibrant city. OP undertakes citywide and neighborhood planning and engagement; urban design and development review; historic preservation; mapping and data analysis; and serves as the official Census State Data Center. OP is the steward of the District's Comprehensive Plan, which advances housing, economic recovery, racial equity, resilience, and coordination of public resources and civic infrastructure.

The Development Review Division assesses building and development plans and projects that range from large, complex and precedent setting in their potential to change the character of an area, to small individual proposals affecting individual property. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent will analyze development and zoning proposals against policies contained in the District Comprehensive Plan and other citywide or area planning initiatives, as well as against the zoning regulations, environmental regulations and other applicable plans, codes, ordinances and procedures.  Work with applicants, developers, architects and local neighborhood associations in the review and recommendation of major planning and zoning projects, including Planned Unit Developments, special exceptions, variances, and major amendments to the zoning ordinance. Coordinate with other city agencies in the review and recommendation of development proposals, environmental assessments, and street and alley closings.

Prepare written reports and recommendations to boards and commissions and make public presentations to them. Research and propose amendments to the zoning ordinance and map consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and current planning and zoning practices. Participate in the preparation and amendment of neighborhood plans, corridor plans, and specific-focus plans and programs. Respond to inquiries from citizens, developers, engineers, architects, attorneys and others regarding zoning, permit processes, development review, design guidelines and general information both orally and in written correspondence. As assigned, serve on committees, task forces, special intra-department teams for the purpose of contributing technical expertise to achieve goals and objectives of work effort. Performs other related duties as assigned.

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